A brilliant soul

Greatly approaches life
Head first in a cold distant world
A life so proudly worked for
March in the light
For greatest is here
The world is a scary dark place
We make it our on beautiful light to share
A loveless world of hate
No matter the stress
Is it anger that makes it all bad
Depression killing us slowly
prisons growing rapidly
Money wasted on the useless
The poor hung out to dry
Helping everyone else you forget to give back to those who really have nothing
Family,happiness,money,water, a bowl of nothing
Taking For granted life in itself
You don’t know what you have until its gone
Stop wasting time on sinful things
grow up man up
And be the man your mother wished you to be
Stop being a disappointment with your sinful ways
Be a man live up to the means

Poetic Capricorn

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