My pen is my muse

My pen is my muse
I love what I do
You can’t stop my blood from poring
when the ink of my blood runs down the father pen
I can’t help but to continue for I am the voice of the unspoken
I am the one they go to for help
Its hard trying to have the right answer but when someone is in need I am there to help
Accepted or hated upon
I wish for no one to struggle with the darkness
leave the negative thoughts behind and be open with the one and only
I’m only here to comfort you in your time of need
can you see you really don’t need
the extra attention my child you are beautiful within
I’m only here to give you the reinsurance you needed to carry you on
after they degraded you and made you feel so small
you miss don’t deserve the hate for all you do is care and help
helping those who don’t understand the wrongs and the negativity within them they just don’t see the harm in the thoughts
you could have their lives and they had no thought
but let them who not know what they created to understand the rod better than to understand the truth behind the rod
let the none believers cry in your wealth but to hate in your glory
they will never be you nor would they better understand you
love not hate
love thyself more than they love another

Poetic Capricorn

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