A happy dream

What they said was a dream
I just couldn’t believe
Because in the end
There you were standing with life
i couldn’t believe my eyes
Was it you there by the window
Glazing out at the stars
I had to close my eyes
Thought twice it couldn’t be
Yet i closed my eyes and reopened them and it was true
No one other but you
All i wanted to do was scream
But i just cried and threw out a big hug
With grace i was happy to see you although scared
I couldn’t seem to bring myself to end such a happy dream


Working to gain a pay
Working hard to gain a life
Working hard for love that will never show
Working hard to please others but why
No need to work for nothing but life
We are who we set out to be
Be whatever it is you please
Forget the users
Forget the actors
Let go of the damage in life
Be blessed and rest
Behold the rest of life
Today is the day we all see the meaning

A brilliant soul

Greatly approaches life
Head first in a cold distant world
A life so proudly worked for
March in the light
For greatest is here
The world is a scary dark place
We make it our on beautiful light to share
A loveless world of hate
No matter the stress
Is it anger that makes it all bad
Depression killing us slowly
prisons growing rapidly
Money wasted on the useless
The poor hung out to dry
Helping everyone else you forget to give back to those who really have nothing
Family,happiness,money,water, a bowl of nothing
Taking For granted life in itself
You don’t know what you have until its gone
Stop wasting time on sinful things
grow up man up
And be the man your mother wished you to be
Stop being a disappointment with your sinful ways
Be a man live up to the means

Poetic Capricorn

How Do I See Love

Well I see love as a powerful emotion two people coming together for a union, well that sounds more like marriage but same thing really when your dating your still a union coming together who fall in love and then comes marriage right? It’s like you never want to be apart from one another. When your in love its like butterflies all the time, even after the honeymoon stage. Its like that person is your peace, your irritation your everything all in one. But you cant get enough of that person because if they left you, you would feel a piece of you left with them.

Tawanda and Vincent Say I Do!!!!!

Tawanda and Vincent received a all inclusive wedding from Cha’le Gardens. Now Tawanda happens to be my very own mother. The wedding itself was a beautiful occasion. The event stylist did an excellent job decorating. The staff were great and friendly. Now I was participating in the wedding as well as participating in photographing the wedding. There were about 5 photographers there all together that includes myself. It was a great experience going back and forth being apart of the wedding as well as being a photographer for the wedding. But this post isn’t about my adventures that day.


A quote from the lovely couple about their experience:

They are very grateful for all who donated there services to make their day a success. They would like to thank each person.

Introducing the lovely couple

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