How Do I See Love

Well I see love as a powerful emotion two people coming together for a union, well that sounds more like marriage but same thing really when your dating your still a union coming together who fall in love and then comes marriage right? It’s like you never want to be apart from one another. When your in love its like butterflies all the time, even after the honeymoon stage. Its like that person is your peace, your irritation your everything all in one. But you cant get enough of that person because if they left you, you would feel a piece of you left with them.

Tawanda and Vincent Say I Do!!!!!

Tawanda and Vincent received a all inclusive wedding from Cha’le Gardens. Now Tawanda happens to be my very own mother. The wedding itself was a beautiful occasion. The event stylist did an excellent job decorating. The staff were great and friendly. Now I was participating in the wedding as well as participating in photographing the wedding. There were about 5 photographers there all together that includes myself. It was a great experience going back and forth being apart of the wedding as well as being a photographer for the wedding. But this post isn’t about my adventures that day.


A quote from the lovely couple about their experience:

They are very grateful for all who donated there services to make their day a success. They would like to thank each person.

Introducing the lovely couple

The Amazing Ms. Jessica

Ms. Jes there are so many words can be used to express how wonderful she is but I will start by saying she is such a peach. She has the best positive personality you could imagine her walking in a room and just sparking the place up. How did I meet Ms. Jes well I applied for a internship for a photographers position. She has a event planning company called Paparazzi Glam. Her business class is great her events are such a hit, I guess you can use this as a review as well. But she is a wonderful spirited person, she loves everyone and shows them. This ladies personality warms my heart each time I’m with her.

Introducing Ms. Jessica of Paparazzi Glam

Praising My mentor Tara Harp

Ms. Tara wow she is a remarkable, good spirited women. I am grateful to be taught by her. She is one my my mentors and I am learning so much from her. I guess this is more than just a blog this can be used as a review. She is a wonderful photographer she makes  sure you eave with having a wonderful experience. How did I get this opportunity well my mother recently got married but while searching for venues Ms. Tara was there at Cha’le Garden’s as one of there vendor photographers. I walked up and introduced myself and asked her a few questions and before leaving my last question was would you teach me all you know!!!! She blessed me with the answer of yes. I was so amazed and excited for this opportunity to work with such a wonderful women. I could go on and on about Ms. Tara but I rather you book her and see for yourself.



Starting A New Business

When starting a new business I would say to be mentally, and financially prepared. This journey to me is like a new born baby and the reason I say this is because you raise and grow your business just like you would a baby. The infant stage is the idea. The toddler stage is getting everything in motion. The teenage stage is the products and market venture. Next we have the adult stage meaning your ready to produce and move forward to supply to your customers. Now you have loved, cared and watch your baby grow into a beautiful adult. Your proud of what you have created and its time to let it free to flap its own wings.

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